Birthday Boy

It’s Gerry’s birthday!! We had lots of plans that involved eating food, going hiking, eating more food, doing karaoke, etc etc … but the poor Dear is still too sick to have any fun – but Gerry is NEVER to sick for birthday presents. 🙂

I had his present sitting on my desk and he’d been eyeballing it all day …
photo-1Finally it was in his hot little hands … the excitement and anticipation grew!
photo 2-1What could be in this card??
photo 3-1OH  MY GOD! Ha ha ha!
photoEvery one of Gerry’s friends and family pitched in $$ so Gerry can buy the bicycle frame of his dreams!!
photo 2THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Gerry’s birthday this year was a huge success even with all the snot, fever and coughing! Photos of Gerry’s new bike frame soon … 🙂

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