Best wedding EVER!!

Seriously…Totally amazing from start to finish. I only took this one photo because I was enjoying myself so much I wanted to be ‘in the moment” rather then thinking about capturing the moment.
I stayed up WAY too late last night slow dancing with Gerry under the starry sky… I tried to sleep in but woke up when Gerry started getting ready for work. Gerry headed to work and I went out for brunch with my friends Clint and Monica. Guess where we went? HAHAHAHAHA! I’m sure Fresh must think I’m food stalking them or something. *laugh*

I spent the rest of the day wandering around with my friends and did a ton of shopping… I tried on a thousand things and ended up not buying ANYTHING! That’s a first for me… usually I have to restrain myself from buying everything. *giggle*

I said good-bye to my friends and popped into a japanese place to have a quick bite. Had a really nice seaweed salad and then hopped on the subway and met Gerry.We are SO tired from last night that we decided to stay in and just veg infront of the TV. We ran across the street to the 24 quickie market to grab some noshing food and found some Pic-a-Pop. I had NO idea they still made it… I used to drink this when I was a kid and I thought it wasn’t around anymore. Tasted just as sweet and sticky as I remember. *laugh*Amazingly this corner market store and a bunch of organic goodies to choose from. I grabbed 2 Oskri Sesame bars. I’d never had them before and are they ever yummy. I had the Date syrup and Black cumin bar. Yum…

Ok. Me. Bed. Now.

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  1. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    Ahhh, The Pop Shoppe. Remember waaay back when, Eddie Shack used to do really silly commercials for them? I used to love it when Dad loaded up the empties and off we went to get more. I loved picking out which flavours I wanted. Lemon-Lime was my favorite. Thanks Sarah for that little stroll down memory lane.

  2. Kramers says:

    The wedding could not have possibly been as good as our wedding.
    That is simply impossible.

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