Best gift for the kids in your life!!

This is a re-post from a week ago …
I realized after I made this post; that it was American Thanksgiving weekend and that some of you may have missed this review … so I decided to re-post. I don’t want any of you to miss out on the Monkey Bunch fun. 🙂

If you have a kidlet in your life and you’re not sure what to get them … I HIGHLY recommend a Monkey Bunch CD. It’s a fantastic alternative to all those cheesy kids albums your kids force you to listen to over and over again.

The album(s) have all the heart, joy and inside grown-up jokes of a well crafted 70’s Sesame Street skit. It has the crazy zany wordplay of a vintage Spike Jones album and best of all it’s REAL music played with REAL live instruments. Great fun for the kids and REALLY great for multiple listening for adults. I would say up to the age of 13 (13 being the age when most kidlets become woefully snarky) would enjoy this cd. 🙂

THE MONKEY BUNCH are comic genius Shoshana Sperling, musician/songwriter Maury LaFoy and their musical friends – and they are here to change the way that you think of children’s music!

THE MONKEY BUNCH is for parents who love music – and want their kids to do the same.

These cd’s are in heavy rotation in my car – and I don’t even have kids!! *laugh* Sure you could download their album from itunes … but giving a young-one an actual physical item that they can hold in their hands and treasure for years is a wonderful gift. Remember how you felt the first time you held your new GREASE soundtrack album on X-mas morning?? I still have my album!!

Both Monkey Bunch Cd’s are available HERE in the GoVegan store. For a limited time – purchases over $20 will receive a free 2011 GoVegan Calendar!! 🙂

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