Beat the heat recipes …

Since the heatwave hit Victoria I have not been wanting to be anywhere near a stove making dinner … the solution? Salad time! 🙂

We had Fresh and Fancy Raw Slaw from Vegan A G0-Go! (pg 49) the other night … the thing I love about this recipe is that it takes all of 5 minutes to make. Even faster if you use the grating attachment on your food processor.

Last night I made the S&M Spicy Salad from How It All Vegan (pg 75). For some reason Gerry just discovered Wasabi. I think he always shied away from it because he thought it was too hot for him (he doesn’t like too much heat) but he tried some the other night (I couldn’t believe he had never had it before) and liked it … so I thought this recipe would be a good one for dinner since it has the Wasabi in the dressing.

I actually haven’t made this recipe since I first tested it for the book and I forgot how wonderful it is! This recipe asks for tofu and since I don’t do soy anymore I just threw in a handful of chickpeas instead and there’s a wee bit of time spent sauteing up some of the veggies … but it doesn’t take long to cook. Your burner is on for about 10 minutes max.  🙂

I served the salad over some wild rice that I had made in the morning and chilled. Speaking of morning – because this recipe needs time to chill – making it in the a.m. before it gets too hot is the perfect time. Then toss it in your fridge and it’s ready and chilled for you when you get home for supper.

What’s your favourite thing to make for dinner when the weather is scorching hot?

In case you’re wondering the ‘vegan‘ bowls are by Jeanette Zies and you can buy your own at her store HERE. 🙂

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  1. Holly says:

    My favourite hot day dish is gazpacho made in my Vitamix and served with slices of fresh baguette and Earlthbalance. Yummy!

  2. Melwyk says:

    I also love a bunch of cold salads as well as gazpacho during heat waves. I have a couple of standby lentil salads as well as one made with green peas & chickpeas that I adapted years ago out of one I found in Chatelaine magazine, of all places. No heat cooking is my regular summer routine!

  3. Chiarina says:

    This week since it will, yet again be a hot one, I have planned on my menu, spring rolls, grilled asian salad, zucchini pasta with fettuccini sauce VAGG pg 94+95, Rustic quinoa & yam salad VAGG pg 53 and Auntie Bonnie’s chickpea salad VAGG pg 49. I always keep fresh salad greens on hand onto which I add grated beets and carrots + favorite dressing and nutritional yeast. Oh and of course delicious homemade pospsicles!

  4. Amy says:

    I’ve been doing the Mediterranean sampler thing: hummus, pita bread, olives, sliced tomatoes, some fresh basil on top … can’t be beat!

  5. jenn says:

    I’m new to your site and your books so I’m sorry if this is old repeated info ….why did you stop using soy ?

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