Be normal. BE NORMAL!

I’m having a hard time breathing normally today… Don’t worry. It’s just stress. I have deadlines looming and I know it will all work out in the end. I’ve written 3 books. I know how it goes … so I know I just have to put one foot in front of the other and eventually all the things that need doing get done. It’s just that it seems like every day 1 thing gets done and another 3 things are added to the “to do list”. I think this is the part of the book writing process where I start to freak out. Don’t mind me. I’m just trying to be normal over her. BE NORMAL! Breathe. Deep breathes. Normal. BE NORMAL!

In other news… I’ve recently found out that 2 of my girl friends (who are in their early 20’s) have decided to start smoking. Who in their right mind decides to start smoking as an adult?? It’s not 1952 and all the cool kids smoke. It’s 2008 and we all know smoking kills. I could understand it if they were 12 years old – but to start smoking as an adult? Idiotic. There’s no reason to start smoking. None. Give me one good reason. It doesn’t get you high. It doesn’t make you smell better and it doesn’t make you cool. Yeesh ladies. Get it together and make me proud.

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  1. Maria Rose says:

    Smoking is dumb. News flash, people die from smoking. They also die from string rays, stay away from Florida!

  2. Lesli says:

    To your friends who have decided to start smoking- please tell them to go to and read my profile. They can find it by searching leslipaige.

    Maybe they’ll be like me and finally quit after watching both parents die. Or maybe they can read testimonials from others with COPD and lung cancer, the 2 most common among many smoking related illnesses.
    I have the full list of cigarette ingredients, all 200 if they would like to read the list, which ends with UREA. whats that? tell them to look it up….

  3. Joel says:

    today the school that I work at had a presentation on smoking,drugs and alcohol that I found very moving and informative, unfortunately after school I passed a group of students all standing in a circle sharing a pack of cigarettes…it’s amazing that with the knowledge people have, they still sign up for it.

  4. skinartia says:

    Ugh, an acquaintance of mine started smoking at 24 to help him pick up chicks as it gave him a reason to talk to them. Classy!

    I hope your friends aren’t doing it for the same reason. I have no idea why anyone in this day and age would decide to start smoking. It’s mind-boggling!

  5. Paisley says:

    If they want to keep their skin beautiful they should quit now.
    Nothing ages you quite like a cigarette.


  6. afra michael. says:

    so stupid. i have friends who’ve done the same. it’s such an unnecessary, idiotic, stinky thing to do… two of my friends who’ve also taken it up stayed over the other night and my room, my bed, my hair, everything, reeks like foul stale smoke. YUCK.

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