Well my bad menstrual cycle has brought news of out of wack hormones and anemia. Bah.

I had a nice long visit with my naturopath who looked over my blood work and now she has me taking this tincture that tastes like ass. No wait. It tastes like ass covered in dirt. Hope it starts working right away … me so tired.I am having an ultrasound on Tuesday to check out my womb and see what’s up. Hello ovaries. Whatcha got cookin in there?

In other news I made some more Vegan Butter Tarts. Gotta make sure the recipe is perfect… this recipe isn’t in any of the books, it is a new recipe for the calendar.

I need a good name for Vegan Butter Tarts. Vegan Butter Tarts is so boring but for the life of me I can’t think of a good title. I blame the anemia…

So let’s have a contest.

Whoever can come up with a great name for Vegan Butter Tarts will get the Butter Tart recipe early so they can try it for themselves. Huh? HUH? What do ya think? E-mail your ideas to

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