Bad dreams …

I had a bad dream this morning that this guy was trying to kill me…

I have a bad dream every morning – right before I wake up. EVERY SINGLE morning…does anyone else? Why? Why does it happen?

A friend suggested that before I go to sleep at night I ask Fergus to come into my nightmares and wake me up. It sounds weird but it totally works!! Right before the bad-dream starts to become too intense – he shows up in my dream.

But not always as Fergus – sometimes he’s a cow that acts like Fergus or a man that looks like Fergus but I always know it’s him and then I think to myself “Time to wake up” and I do.

I love dreaming. I’ve always had vivid complicated dreams but I would love for the intense nightmares in the morning to stop. Any ideas?

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  1. Maria Rose says:

    I’ve gone through periods like that, but eventually they pass. While it’s not an immediate solution it helps to know that they will not go on forever. I love the Fergus idea!

  2. carrie says:

    On the bright side really vivid dreams are an indicator of high levels of Vitamin B4…so that’s one in the eye for “Vegans don’t get adequate sources of Vitamin B”!

  3. Oneida says:

    I have bad dreams every night. Mine are because of my ex-husband. You would thing that after 17 years of being away from him, the dreams would go away.


  4. Dennis says:

    That guy looks like a freaky Mr. Bean…. this video should help with the nightmares:

  5. Carol says:

    Well, I don’t know how to help you with your bad dreams, but you’ll probably get a kick out of this!:

  6. Carol says:

    haha…same video….great minds think allike!

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