Baby steps…

What a busy week! I signed, kissed and packed up all the books for shipping (thank you pre-order peeps). I hope you enjoy my DNA and the extra SSOV treats I stuck in there.
I’ve also been painting up a storm! Our new counters are going on Sept 11th so I’ve been hustling to paint the walls and get things ship-shape for when the counter dudes arrive. I busted my butt (or should I say thighs) stripping the rest of the wallpaper, sanding the drywall (thank you Gerry for your magnificent work) and painting, painting, painting.

Then I got a call from the counter place that it’s not going in until Oct 3rd. Ugh. Oh well… at least it looks pretty… Maybe we can do the floors before the counters go in. (*hint hint* Gerry)
This is the sample of the counter top… it’s gonna look so nice once it’s installed. 🙂Now we need to do the floors and fix the ceiling. Baby steps people. Baby steps. We’re getting there. 🙂

Remember what it used to look like?

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