Attn Victoria Dog lovers… Gus needs a home!!

Contact Carol at for more details.

From Carol:
Gus is a terrier mix (likely schnauzer/poodle) and is 9 years young. He is in desperate need of a home, as his owner will be taking him to the SPCA at the end of the month due to the fact she has a new job with long hours and has recently developed asthma.

I doggy-sit Gus and have found him to be a happy energetic dog. He is great with all dogs. He’s quite the social butterfly at the dog parks! He has never bothered my cat, but does show interest in my birds (they like to taunt dogs!). He is house trained and knows all basic commands and is a very quick learner.

He was allowed to rule the roost at his own home so he can display an attitude At times, Usually when going thru the front door he can be a bit nippy if you block him but if you tell him to sit and stay this works very well. He is on an anti seizure medication 1x/day it is a potassium bromide solution.

The few times I have witnessed the seizure it is very mild and he recovers quickly. He should avoid food and treats with a lot of salt due to the medication. His owner keeps him clipped short in the hot weather as she said the heat would sometimes trigger them. The cost of the medication is very reasonable and the owner may be willing to buy a years supply or cash value.

He is best suited to an adult only home and would be happy with moderate exercise and a good game of ball toss!

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  1. Ivy says:

    Oh, this made me cry. I live in NYC, otherwise I would adopt this dude in a heartbeat. I hope that a home is found for him before he has to to go the SPCA (which I just realized probably isn’t called that in Canada. Doesn’t the “A” stand for someting American?). The thought of a loving, domestic dog being usurped from his home and sent to the shelter breaks my heart. Gah, people! I’m pulling for you, Gus! I’m off to go love up my (rescued) kitteh now.

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