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It’s almost 12:30pm and I JUST got out of my pajamas. I love lazy days.Gerry and I are going to go to the art gallery today. At least we’re gonna try. We always talk about going… and then forget. So I wrote it down on a piece of paper and left it on my desk. So far we’ve remembered… but who knows what will happen once we walk out the door. *laugh*

The sun is actually shining today. THANK GOD! The winter in the Pacific North West is gloomy and can really make you feel SAD. Literally. Thank goodness this is the last of the long dark days and our days will get brighter from here on in.

How many of you have opted out of celebrating the X-mas season? I’m curious to see if Gerry and I are the only ones who don’t celebrate.

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  1. Tiffany says:


    There are definietly alot of mixed emotions around our house regarding Christmas. My husband and I are both against the consumer mentality that surrounds Christmas but we aren’t against celebrating the season. We have struggled the last few years trying to figure out what is right for us. We’ve decided to celebrate the holiday season in our own way- we bought a small potted tree that we decorate with things from nature (and will put outside and bring back in each year) and we made gifts for the people we love. We don’t go to the mall or rack up credit card bills but we spend time with our family, cook and enjoy the time off work. We celebrate the season with symbols of growth and renewal, not with santa claus and frosty. It’s definitely a work in progress but eventually we will figure out what works for us and stick with it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I celebrate Christmas. I am an Orthodox Christian so I have the option of celebrating on the New (Gregorian) Calendar *and* the Old (Julian) Calendar 🙂

    But Christmas is a spiritual holy-day for us. Traditionally we prepare for it with 40 days of fasting (no meat, fish or dairy on most days), alms giving and prayer. The commercialism of Western Christmas is really out of place for us. To be honest I don’t really understand why non Christians celebrate it at all.


  3. Anonymous says:

    We don’t celebrate Christmas (or Hannukah or any other holiday for that matter). We have 20-month old twins (vegan, of course) and don’t want to raise them with that consumer greed. Both my husband and I were raised Jewish but neither of us believe in organized religion. He’s working Christmas and I’ll be home with the kids though we might go out for a vegan Chinese meal.

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