April Fools Day

I used to hate April Fools Day when I was a kid. I was SO afraid of being “fooled” that I would go into hiding until it was over … I even think my Dad let me skip school one year because I was so scared (thanks Dad).

Last night at about 11:55pm Gerry came up with a genius idea for a April Fools Twitter/Facebook Prank based in part on the story line from this season of Damages (one of the greatest shows on tv – are you watching?).

So at 12:01am I tweeted:

OMG! We were just contacted by Woody Harrelson’s people about making How It All Vegan into a MOVIE!! I’m trying not to hyperventilate!

And then went to sleep with that same excited feeling in my chest that I used to get the night before x-mas when I was a kid.

I woke up this morning to so many funny tweets/messages on facebook. Some of you caught on right away but some of you were so genuinely exited for me that now I feel bad that I tricked you so I promise I will never pull a fast one on you again … until next year.  🙂

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  1. Kevin says:

    I LOVE Damages!

  2. It’s ok Sarah! I guess this makes up for making fun of you for engaging in Gizmo slavery.

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