Another update so soon??

Uh oh. Another update so soon?? How exciting.
First off. I’m coming back to Toronto!!

Hamilton actually… I will a panelist at the McMaster Peace Film Festival on March 13th. I hope you can make it… we’ll be watching a movie, talking, eating and of course I’ll have books for sale and a pen ready to autograph it for you.

So that means Left Feet better look out cause I’m coming in to do some shopping!!

I just did a podcast interview with the delightful Vegan Freaks that will be up and ready for you to listen to on Tuesday Feb 21st. You can listen to it HERE.

I also just did an interview with Vegan Radio. Not sure of when it’s gonna air… so stay tuned to my blog for updates.

Oh yeah! Lastly… but never leastly… Herbivore Magazine Blog now has a “writers-mashup” blog for you to read. It involves some of the writers from Herbivore, including me…
so check it out daily for mad silly fun.

That’s it for now.

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