Animal Control Officer update

About a month ago I was accosted by an Animal Control officer. I wrote a complaint to the Mayor and the CRD (which you can read HERE). I had a meeting with the CRD about the incident and they followed up with a letter (see below) and have put my complaint on record.

Dear Ms. Kramer,
I apologize for the delay in responding.  I have met and discussed the incident with Mr. Fraser.  As a result I am satisfied that while the encounter you had with him did not go well, there was no intent on his part to cause you grief and he is sorry that his actions upset you in the manner that they did.  We have discussed his approach about taking control of a dog’s leash in these circumstances and he has agreed that such practice in future would be reserved solely for those situations where he was dealing with a dangerous dog or an incident where control of the dog was necessary to protect public safety.

This change in procedure should alleviate this type of situation from happening again in future.  As discussed with you and your spouse, this now concludes my investigation into this matter.  Thank-you for your patience and cooperation.
Mark Hayden – Manager of Bylaw & Licensing Services – City of Victoria

My sincere hope is that when the city decides whether or not to re-hire Mr.Frasers animal control company that they take my complaint into consideration.

I would also like to encourage anyone else in the Victoria BC area who has had an altercation with Mr.Fraser – to report it so that a file of complaints of his bad behavior can be collected.

“When you bring consciousness to anything, things begin to shift,” – Eve Ensler
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