And then we flew home…

Woke up early.
Had breakfast.
Headed to the airport.
Checked in. Sat around waiting trying to pass the time by reading trashy magazines.

So I’m sitting in the Air Canada waiting area (Wendy is in the bathroom) and I’m reading in my trashy magazine about Sienna Miller breaking up with Jude Law to date James Franco. They are filming a movie in Toronto and apparently have become a little “close”.

I look up as the flight to Toronto is boarding and one of the attendants gets on the loud speaker and says “James Franco to Gate 28. James Franco.”

My wheels start turning. James Franco? Couldn’t this be a coincidence? The flight is leaving for Toronto. He’s filming in Toronto. James Franco??

NOTE: For those of you who don’t know who James Franco is… rent the 1st and only season of Freaks and Geeks and be prepared to fall in love. He’s amazing.

Wendy scurries over to me and says in a breathy whisper “Did you hear her call James Franco? Do you think it’s James Franco?”

I point over to the staircase by the bathrooms and down walks this vision of a man. HOLY COW! He’s shorter then you would think (they all seem to be) but he is soooo incredibly beautiful in person that my heart actually skipped a few beats.

I was going to yell “I love Freaks and Geeks!” or walk over and say hi… but he was late for his plane and was gone before I had a chance to get on my feet.

Yowza. What a way to end a trip.
But wait…

So I end up going pee-pee before our plane starts loading and I walk by those stairs James Franco walked down. I look up to see a sign that says “VIP ROOM” and it all makes sense. That’s where the famous people hang out. As I’m looking up I see a woman standing on the balcony looking down at me. She’s wearing a black baseball hat and sunglasses but I immediately know who she is. Why its Cybill Shepherd! I smile and wave at her and she waves back… she boards our plane and is sitting in business class. She must be filming in Vancouver.

Plane ride was easy-peasy. Home in a flash. As I walked out the elevator I see Gerry and Fergus running up the hallway to greet me… Someone got a haircut and it wasn’t my husband!!

So glad to be home.
Good night James Franco.

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  1. the most modern of bombshells says:

    I’ve also had a brush with James Franco, however, I didn’t realize it until about a minute and a half too late. We both happened to be at a movie festival in LA and I walked right past him. Luckily I was with a comic book nerd who basically went, “OMG James Franco! From Spiderman!” but by this time, I’m being herded into the movie theater. Oops!!

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