An open letter to Yves

Dear Yves,
Why do you continue to make exciting new veggie products … only to have 1 minor ingredient that makes it not vegan friendly?

My husband Gerry was SO excited to try your Yvves Corn Dogs but we were saddened to see that they contain “dried honey”.

When you’re making a veggie friendly product like this why can’t you add some other sweetener (stevia, agave, maple syrup, sugar, etc) and then EVERYONE (vegans and vegetarians) can eat it? Not just vegetarians who don’t care about the exploitation of bees.

I’m very confused by all this and I hope you will consider replacing the dried honey with a vegan friendly sweetener so ALL of the veggie community can enjoy your new corn dogs.

Sarah Kramer on behalf of The Bees – who don’t want to be exploited for corn-dogs

**If you’d like to write to Yves and let them know how you feel you can contact them HERE.

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