Airicas Love From Above

Remember Rebecca who won the letter writing contest to win a copy of HIAV-X? I just received an update about her new Pillow Project called Airicas Love From which helps give comfort to children in the ICU in memory of her Daughter, Airica

sticky bunsJust wanted to send you a picture of Alyssa with your sticky buns!  SOOOO yummy and SOOOO worth the time and energy. I also wanted to thank you again for the cookbooks that was very thoughtful of you to be so generous. I mailed my Dad his along with some tofu jerky…YUM!  This inspired him to buy a dehydrator, that’s why I bought mine! Lisa is still making our family vegan-tastic dinner once a week and her cookbook has broadened the menu possibilities. Hee hee!

I also just wanted to share a project I have been working on with you.  I know how compassionate you were for our family and I thought you might appreciate how we are turning our hurt and pain into love and hope. Check out Airicas Love From

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