A penny for your tulips…

My lovely friend Jayde gave me some tulips yesterday and Jodie suggested that I put a penny in the vase and it would keep the tulips from bowing. GUESS WHAT?? My tulips are straight as an arrow this morning. Holy crow!

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  1. Carol says:

    Did you know that tulips are the only flower that continues to grow after they’ve been cut? That’s usually why they bow…they just get too long and out of balance.
    I need to get me some tulips and ‘spring’ this place up a bit…they last so long.

  2. gypwytch says:

    Thanks for the tip! I like tulips but never buy them because of how they flop over. They are my nieces fav flower, but she gets frustrated with them too. I’ll pass this info on to her. 🙂

  3. Kramers says:

    Meh, my Bab taught me that trick 100 years ago. Because I am over 100 years old you know.

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