4 year olds suck…

I was at the park on the weekend with my niece and nephew and this little 4 year old girl came over to talk to us. She asked us all sorts of questions like what my nephews name was. How come we were on the swings. Could we push her… etc etc. Then she asked my niece if I was her grandmother. I almost died on the spot.

My niece insists it’s the color of my hair that confused this 4 year old demon girl… kids suck. 🙂

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  1. Eve Love says:

    ah come on… it must be the hair!
    I use to work at a child care center and when my boyfriend came to get me, they would always tell me that my father was there to pick me up. they couldn’t figure out i didn’t live at my parents, but didn’t have any babies either.

    but i have to admit some are pretty annoying. and this little girl you’re talking about i surely one..

  2. angelacf says:

    In defense of the 4 year olds we all once were – I remember thinking that 40 was the age of grandmas when I was in grade 5 so I can not imagine what a grandam was when I was 4. Once I took my infant daughter into a corner store in Bellingham & the proprietor asked if me or my grandson needed help. So I do feel your pain

  3. Anonymous says:

    The same thing offten happened to my mom. We would get asked if she was my Grandma, she started going grey at 15, it’s the hair forsure.

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