4 weeks

It was 4 weeks Tuesday since I had my surgery and I’m FINALLY feeling normal.

I think the 3rd week was the hardest. Partly because I went back to work and I found it really exhausting and partly because of my sensitive skin on my chest. Ugh. I can’t explain how uncomfortable it is.

I can palpate my skin with my fingers and I barely feel anything but if any clothing rubs  me it’s like a wire brush brushed up against my skin. Even a breeze from my nose makes my skin hurt. It’s so weird. I went and bought some “balm” at the jogging store that helps joggers avoid chafing. It helped quite a bit. I also spray my “area” with Lydacain and try and numb everything. Plus the occasional ice-pack. Every day it’s a little bit better than the last …

I finally decided to start wearing a large band-aid over the scar area and that’s been the best way to avoid contact with my clothing. I want my scar to breath … so as soon as I get home it’s TOPLESS TIME at the Kramers.  😛

binderI finally ditched my breast binder. It took a few days to get used to not wearing it … wearing it 24 hours a day for 3 weeks really gave me comfort. When your breast is removed you suddenly feel vulnerable. Plus the binder kept things in place. My surgeon wanted my scar to heal in a perfect straight line and it has. It’s a good-looking scar. I’ll show you soon.  🙂

I still wear my binder when I work-out. It keeps everything from jiggling .. better than my sports bra.

I FINALLY have enough energy to get back on my elliptical machine and it’s been awesome. It makes me feel SO much better to get my blood flowing, my lungs heaving and to work out some of the stress that I’ve been carrying around the last few months. I feel less fragile and more strong every day. I think my body is so stoked to not be fighting that tumor. 🙂

719884a6b77011e2a8b522000a9f3cba_7I also bought myself a new foam boob!  🙂 It’s not my “official” boob but I’m not ready for one of those yet. My skin is too sensitive still and this foam boob gives me the shape I need without putting weight on my chest.

I think it looks pretty good. Gerry keeps having to ask me which one is the real one. Ha ha.

Your job (dear internet) is to make sure my boob isn’t in the wrong place. I went to work yesterday and realized that it was SO much higher then my left breast. ha ha. Whoops.

88ad3f7eb77a11e28dc022000a1f8c21_7Also went for a couple of relaxing   massages. Those released a lot of tension and I’ve even been feeling so normal that I even went on a motorcycle ride with Gerry the other night. We had so much fun riding around the water on Dallas Road. I actually got teary… it was a beautiful evening. All the trees are in bloom and the sky was so blue. I was overcome with so much gratitude.

So grateful for my life. For a loving husband. For Fergus. For all my friends. For all of you (yes you) and your support. It’s been a whirlwind of crazy …

The crazy cancer journey isn’t over yet – I have the meeting on the 15th with the oncologist to talk about their suggested treatment. So … there is more crazy coming.

But for now. In this moment. Things are good.  🙂

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