2011 GoVegan Calendar – OCT!

Pinch punch! It’s the first of the month and its time to flip your calendar!!

This month I’m paying homage to Devo! OH my god … love Devo.

Love the costumes. Love the kitch. Love the subversive humor. But most of all – I love the music! Sadly, I’ve never seen them live (I think I need to do something about that).

This shoot was fun. I searched for MONTHS on ebay searching in vain for a silver suit but I did happen on this vintage silver dress that worked perfectly for the photo.

My Devo Energy Dome is from Devo’s official webstore and Rudee did a great job of seamlessly stitching all 5 photos of me together.  🙂

The recipe this month is for Cinnamon Doughnut Holes. There is no need to “crack that egg or whip it” because this recipe is egg free and fabulous!

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