2011 GoVegan Calendar – February

Dear Madonna. I totally scammed your look for the Feb photo. Get over it. You ripped from Marilyn … so …  🙂

Big props to Steven Meisel the photographer for the Like A Virgin cover photo … it’s such an iconic album cover and I hope we did it justice.

In our version I’m wearing a combination of dresses. Originally I was going to wear my wedding dress but I’ve put on a few lbs since the wedding so I couldn’t even zip it up.  🙁

We tried to shoot the photo without zipping up the dress in the back but it didn’t look right so I folded down the bodice of the wedding dress and just used the bottom of the dress for the fluffy part and put on another dress for the top half.

The other dress is a vintage number that I’ve had in my closet but have never worn because the bottom of the skirt showcases a fox-hunt. It’s the weirdest creepiest print but the dress itself is fabu and I keep meaning to take it to someone to make me a duplicate in a more vegan friendly fabric.  🙂

The rhinestone “vegan” belt buckle is something I’ve had for YEARS. I don’t actually remember how or where I got it but when we decided to do the photo I remembered the buckle and knew it would be perfect to replicate that “boy toy” buckle Madonna sported. I guess being a pack-rat really does pay off sometimes.  🙂

Lastly … the bouquet. I made it out of radishes and baby’s breath (FYI. The name “baby’s breath” really creeps me out). The bouquet was so cute … I kind of felt bad when I ate it with dinner.

This shoot was difficult. Not only did I feel chubby (because I couldn’t fit into my wedding dress anymore) but laying on your back trying to do a “come hither” look while you’re trying to push out your boobs, not have neck rolls and hide the fact that you’re wearing two different dresses was exhausting. *laugh* But I think we got a good shot and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

And lastly… the recipe.

Like A Virgin Fresh Cherry Pie.

Hee hee …

I don’t know why we decided to have this recipe for Feb. You can’t get good fresh cherries in Feb…

What were we thinking?

This recipe is so good. It will make your mouth feel like it’s eating cruelty free “for the very first time…

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3 Responses to 2011 GoVegan Calendar – February

  1. Babette says:

    It was my first time making a cherry pie… it was so tasty, although mine burnt a bit (didn’t have any foil). I also omitted the coconut, as I didn’t have any. It’s nice to see a new recipe in your calendars =)

  2. Alisha says:

    Oh my lanta! This recipe looks delish and this post was hilarious! The pictures are great, you look great and your recipes are great! What more could I possibly ask for?

  3. Dawn says:

    Hi There,

    I was wondering where I might get a copy of the recipe, it sounds (and looks) delicous!!!

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