2011 GoVegan Calendar – DEC!

Eeep! I’ve been so busy promoting my GoVegan! w/Sarah Kramer iPhone app that I totally forgot to talk about the Dec page of the GoVegan! Calendar.

Lots of you have been asking me about the 2012 calendar and I’m sad to say there won’t be one. My publishers decided not to go ahead with another one. It’s a bummer … I had so many good ideas for the 2012. Oh well. I’ll have to save my ideas for something else. 🙂

This month I pay homage to one of my favourite woman in the world. Jane Wiedlin!! She is the guitarist/songwriter of the legendary band the Go-Go’s.

Jane’s album cover FUR was her 2nd solo album and has two of my favourite “Jane’s gone solo” songs … Rush Hour and Fur. FUR is an anti-fur song.  “I don’t wear fur/Won’t do it/Fur’s for fools”

For those of you kids who don’t remember the early 80’s … there weren’t a lot of bands singing/talking and protesting about how disgusting wearing fur is but Jane has always been a trailblazer and that’s why I admire her so much.

Speaking of trailblazers … did you know that The Go-Go’s were the FIRST celebrities to pose for Peta’s “I’d rather go naked” campaign back in 1991. Love them!!

So with this record album homage I wanted to do something in the same vein and I thought that recreating it with a message about adopting a companion animal would be fitting!!

There are SO many unwanted animals waiting for adoption in shelters and through rescue organizations.

Companion animals are a joy but so many people consider pets as disposable – Animals are not pop-cans that you can throw out on a whim. Bringing an animal home to be a companion is a very serious (and if you’re lucky) a long term commitment that requires your time, energy and money. I was lucky enough to live with my rescue cat Riley for over 15 years!!

If you are able to bring an animal into your home … please adopt. The shelters are over-run with loving wonderful animals waiting for a furever home.

It was this time last year that we rescued Dexter from a house that was going through a divorce and neither person wanted to take responsibility for the dog. This sweet dog was going to be thrown out like trash so Gerry and I took Dexter in and we re-trained him and found him a new-daddy to live with and now he’s thriving and happy with a human who loves and values him. Dexter was lucky to have a story with a happy ending … most animals that are dumped do not have happy endings – so if you have room in your life for a companion animal – please adopt!!

As for the calendar photo … Fergus was great. He just melted into my arms and hung out like a boss. I on the other hand had a difficult time. I’m not a great winker. It’s not a skill I have so it took some doing to have me wink and smile at the same time without looking like a crazy person.

Rudee did a great job of doing the graphics and even changed my “Sue” tattoo to say “adopt”.

The recipe for this month is for Sloppy Janes and they are delish!! Have you tried this recipe?? Make it tonight … 🙂

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