2011 GoVegan Calendar – APRIL

In 1977 (the year before I discovered punk-rock) I was obsessed with KISS.

The theatrics. The make-up. The tongue. Paul Stanley’s eyebrows! The over the top EVERYTHING!!

I mean … what more could a 10 year old girl want in a band? Well, I wanted to see them play live.

Kiss was scheduled to perform their Love Gun tour (I had no idea what that meant) in Regina on Aug 3rd 1977 and I wanted to go SO badly.

During Buffalo Days (a city-wide summer celebration) my Mum and I were at the Exhibition walking through the mid-way checking out the rides and going to the freak-shows (yes … they still had freak-shows in the 70’s) and after I saw the worlds-largest-horse and the worlds-smallest-man I saw a giant poster advertising that KISS was going to be playing at The Ex.

I begged my Mum to take me. I don’t think she said no. In fact I’m pretty sure she said yes … but I never did end up going to the show. Maybe she decided that a Knights in Satan’s Service concert was not an appropriate the show for a 9 year old girl.  🙂

I’m sad to say that I’ve still never seen them live… Even though watching Gene Simmons on his reality show has soured the KISS brand for me they’re still pretty high up there on my “bucket list” of bands to see – I still really dig listening to my old vinyl.

This photoshoot was a lot of work. Each face took me over an hour  to do (I did all the styling for the calendar myself) and I think we shot them one at a time over the course of a week. I know how litigious Gene can be about his brand so I was very careful to pay homage to the band without doing a full copy of the album cover and I also wanted the faces to reflect food since I changed the band name to FRESH and the album is called N-TASTY.

I tried to may my Paul lips look like a strawberry but I once I put all the little seeds on my lips it looked like I had cold-sores or something *laugh* so I changed it to a tomato. The Demon is supposed to be a Kale Demon. Hee Hee. CatMan was turned into RabbitWoman for this photo, I even gave myself a dangling baby-carrot earring. And lastly, since we were going with a veggie/garden theme I turned Space Ace into a Space Flower Child.

The recipe for this month is Beth’s Fresh and Fancy Raw-Slaw and I have to say that it’s one of my all time favourite recipes in the world. In fact – I made it for dinner last night. It’s super easy to make (especially if you have a food processor with a grater attachment) and it’s always a hit when I bring it to pot-lucks.

Lastly – for the calendar blub I messed a little with lyrics of the song Loving You … I think I made the double entendre dirty enough to make Paul proud. Don’t you?  🙂

I was made for gardening baby. You were made for planting seeds. I can’t get enough of your garden. Can you get enough to eat?

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2 Responses to 2011 GoVegan Calendar – APRIL

  1. Jason says:

    Hey Sarah,

    I love what you’ve done with this new 2011 calendar. Yeasty boys from last week was just awesome. And KISS, well that takes me back a few. My wife absolutely loves them. Me too, one of my favs is “Lick it Up”.

    Yup, gotta say I was a just a “kid” in Satan’s service back in the day. Good times. Good times indeed.

    I just wrote a blog post on GoDaddy, time to ditch them once and for all regarding their killing of that elephant. I know you’re not with them but I’m hoping we can bring ’em down 😉

    It’s over here at my blog vegan valor.

  2. Jim says:

    I’m really enjoying the calendar. Thanks for posting this blog entry on the background for your love of KISS. On the calendar you’ve included some smaller pictures from the same makeup setup on a couple of the pages. As I really liked the little one of you in the Garden Growie (with your hubby). Any chance that when you get to your blog in May you could post the color version of that pic, and maybe some other out takes?

    For June’s recipe, the Nanaimo Bars, I could use some advice. It calls for vegan margarine and I’m having a classic crisis of logistics versus morals. All but one of the vegan margarines (or other solid fat) has palm fruit, palm, or palm kernel oil. Besides the fact that this oil is really bad for cardiac health, the palm oil industry is/has been destroying the habitat of orangutans, and I just can’t support that anymore. Do you know of a brand that doesn’t use palm oil? Thanks for any help.

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