2 years …

2 years ago today I finished the last of my radiation treatment.

Today I celebrated the day by working EXTRA hard at Aquafit and pushing my body to it’s limits. It felt amazing and I may have left a few tears in the pool. 🙂


When I think about my last radiation day it feels like yesterday and like 20 years ago all rolled up into one lump.

Lump in my breast … Har Har 🙂

What I like to remember about that last day of radiation (besides being exhausted but grateful to be done my treatment) was that Gerry and I started watching all 121 episodes of LOST while I recuperated from radiation.

I highly recommend binge watching LOST if you have some down time because of illness. There isn’t one single boring episode. Yes it gets a little weird near the end but watching it all the way through from start to finish (with no commercials or waiting for the next season) was really incredible and the ending is beautiful. It all makes sense in the end. I swear.  🙂

705de97a773f11e3aa2e124a91058a23_8There were so many parallels to what some of the characters were going through and what I was going through. Especially John Locke. All his sadness and anger and frustration. I could relate …

So today is a wonderful day. Here I sit at my computer 2 years later feeling amazing. Strong. Healthy. Happy.

I need some cake. Where’s my celebration cake?? Actually don’t get me a cake. I don’t like cake.

I’d rather eat a pickle. Get me a pickle.

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