10th anniversary edition of HIAV

Little sneak peek of the 10th anniversary edition of HIAV over at the Arsenal website.

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  1. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    10 years!? Where has the time gone? This was one of the very first veg cookbooks I ever bought. Congrats Sarah!!

  2. plaidshoes says:

    10 years already! Time flies. I was wondering, has Tanya had any interest in the anniversary?

  3. The Cooking Lady says:

    I cannot tell you how much I am in love with your book. I keep it right between my block of knives and the wall in my kitchen. And get this.

    I teach cooking in my homeschool group. I am known as ‘The Cooking Lady’, Duh!

    But this last class we made to different dishes, one was a vegan raw chocolate mousse, and the other was your Mock Chopped Liver. I was sure as I am typing this comment that the kids would prefer the chocolate mousse dish hands down. Boy was I wrong.

    These kids kept asking if there were anymore crackers, for we were serving the mock chopped liver on cracker as if they were appetizers.

    Who knew?!

  4. gwern says:

    yay! 😀

  5. kasey says:

    my partner and i have just recently taken dairy and eggs out of our diet. we’ve been having a blast trying out new vegan recipes and we’ve fall in love with “how it all vegan”! it’s had a permanent home on our kitchen counter for the last three weeks! thanks for making this new food journey so very exciting and delicious!

  6. mssusthang says:

    WOW … 10 years? I just discovered your book and purchased it yesterday.

    I am newly vegan … have been vegetarian in my past (15 years ago) but have decided to take the Vegan plunge and am in the process of transitioning my daughters as well.

    Your book is good reading and very helpful!

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