Dearly Beloved …

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called life.

I can’t even explain in words how I feel about Prince passing away. I have barely started to process that we lost David Bowie… and now this? 🙁

I was walking to yoga yesterday and my phone started blowing up.
“Is it true?”
“I’m sorry for your loss.”
“Oh my god have you heard? Are you ok?”

I stopped in my tracks. I knew. Before I even opened up my browser to check the TMZ website … I knew. Prince had died.

I couldn’t breath. I stood in the middle of Fort Street with my back against the wall of some random building and tried to catch my breath. I could feel the sun burning my face. I could hear the birds chirping and the loudness of the cars as they whizzed past me. I was so aware of my feet on the ground and yet I felt like I was floating.

I couldn’t move my body. I didn’t know what to do with myself … instead of looking for more information I put my phone into Airplane mode and went to my yoga class. This particular yoga class is the best part of my week and I needed it or I was going to lose it.

I walked through the Y to my class feeling stunned. I took off my purple running shoes. Lay down my purple yoga mat and filled up my purple water bottle. Yes… I’m that girl. Every-time I get a chance to buy something in purple – I do.

I took a sip of water and dribbled a little on my tank top. I looked down at my shirt and realized I was wearing my favourite Prince shirt. I felt my face get hot and prickly but before I could unravel it was time to start class.

We started class with chanting the Invocation to Patanjali and after that I don’t remember much else of the class. I moved my body and listened to my teacher Ty’s instructions but I didn’t want to think … I just wanted to do.

After class was over I went and saw Gerry at the shop. He gave me a hug and asked me how I was. I felt numb. I turned my phone back on and it started blowing up again. Texts, emails, fb, twitter, Instagram. It was all too much. I turned it off.

I started to drive home and turned on the radio. Purple Rain was playing … I turned it off. It was all too much. I turned it off.

IMG_5405I had a very quiet day. I talked to my best-bestie Shoshana and we talked about Prince. We used to listen to her Purple Rain cassette tape over and over again. I have such vivid memories of being in her room and FEELING every single note.

He meant so much to both of us and we were SO lucky to get to see him play live in Toronto in 2011. It was an incredible experience. It wasn’t a show. It was an experience. It was otherworldly. I left that show a changed person.

One of the things I took away from that show was the joy of being in the moment. He was there with us and we were there with him and nothing else mattered. It was a happening!

I’ll never forget when he sang a slow-bluesy overtly sexy version of Little Red Corvette. I actually thought I was going to faint. I was overcome with feelings and felt like every word he sang was running through my body. 🙂

Prince was and is a complicated, fascinating, erotic :), hilarious  and sometimes frustrating artist to admire. There are no words I can use to explain how I feel about him. I always used to joke that “He is everything you want in a man and a woman all wrapped up into a tiny package.” Now that feels like a silly thing to say.

He didn’t just play music. He WAS music. And his music flowed into my ears and lyrics rattled around in my brain and the joy of his creation came out through my body and made me want to dance.

image1I was so lucky that I got to see him play in Toronto and then a month later he came to Victoria and I got to see him again with my friend Kimmee. We even got tickets to the Afterparty and I was able to witness Prince playing to a very small crowd of people at Sugar nightclub. I think there was maybe 200 people there? It was incredible. I went to bed at 5am that night!!!

He had just started his Piano & a Microphone tour. It was just him and a piano on stage and I knew it was going to be special.

I was really looking forward to him announcing a show somewhere near me. This tour he was announcing in a Hit & Run style. He’d announce the show date only a few days prior so I was VERY stressed out trying to stay on track of what city he was going to announce next. I was hoping for here or Vancouver …

When he announced Toronto I actually thought about getting a ticket and hopping on a plane the next day but then talked myself out of it. That’s crazy. Who does that?? I’ll wait till he announces a date somewhere near me … Wow. If I only knew.

During my chemotherapy treatment I didn’t listen to any music because I didn’t want to associate my favourite songs with treatment. I didn’t want those songs to connect in any way … but I must confess that every time I drove up to the cancer center for an appointment I would blast “BABY I’M A STAR” to get me pumped up for what was about to happen to me. It was fuel … It made me stronger.

Some people tell me they don’t “get” Prince and that’s ok. I do – get him – and that’s all that matters. This relationship I’ve had with him for the last 30 years will continue until I take my last breath. I’m so grateful he left behind such an immense legacy for us to ponder.

I noticed in the media that when he first passed away it was all about his music and then slowly over the course of 24 hours the media started to talk about gossip and conjecture like it was fact. It’s disgusting to throw gossip like that out into the ether … but while they are “busy doing something close to nothing” – I’m ignoring anything sensational and just focusing on the joy of his music.

This is one of my favourite Purple Yoda television performance. It perfectly captures what was so special about him. Click the link and watch it before it’s taken down!! 💔☔️

This one is another favourite of mine … for obvious reasons.  🙂

“We could all die any day – but before I let that happen, I’ll dance my life away…”


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Globe Theatre – A Round for 50 Years

In 1966 my parents founded The Globe Theatre in Regina Saskatchewan.

This year is the 50th anniversary of The Globe and there is a fantastic new book out that chronicles the journey from start to present.

screen-capture-1My parents carved a new path when they put down roots in Regina and started a professional theatre company in a place where there was nothing like it. I am so very proud of my parents work and the legacy they left behind.

If you’re interested in Canadian Theatre – you should pick up this book. There is no way you won’t be inspired by my parents journey of collaboration, creativity and the passion it takes to change the world through the arts. 💗 #prouddaughter


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MEET in Vancouver

12093459_1140075206024259_372029296_nI was in Vancouver for a few days and I finally got to eat at MEET in Gastown and it was INCREDIBLE!!!

I had the macaroni and cheeze burger. OH BOY!! It was so so so so so good.

Vegan food is the best! : )

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12885861_10153361602756971_4658289103984281042_oYesterday was a really difficult day for many of us. I tried to remind myself that “Not guilty” doesn’t mean “innocent”.

It triggered a lot of feelings from my past experiences and made me feel very raw and vulnerable.

While the verdict in the Ghomeshi case devastated me – I also was not surprised. It just showcases what we already know… Our system (worldwide) is broken and does not support survivors – but please don’t let this stop you from speaking out. The only way to make change is to smash the system!!

Most importantly my beautiful tender-hearted friends – please take good care of yourself. Be gentle. Do what you need to do to feel safe. Reach out to someone you trust if you feel overwhelmed. You are not alone. 💔

#ibelieveher #ibelievesurvivors #ibelieveyou #itisnotyourfault

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Most days I am PMA (positive mental attitude) but there are some days where I am so overwhelmed by the collateral damage to by body, mind, spirit from my cancer treatment.

It’s like a never ending horror story… So I bundled myself up with the dog and spent the afternoon watching the clouds roll by my living-room window. #lesigh 

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Silk Road

IMG_4028Big THANK YOU to Silk Road for donating tea to the YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer Exercise Program!!!

One of my favourite parts about ENCORE is Circle Time where we drink tea, eat snacks and go around the circle and talk about our week. It’s amazing to be with all these woman who just “get” what you’ve been through. The support and caring you receive from other breast cancer survivors is like nothing else. 😍 

Thank you SILK ROAD for donating such yummy tea!

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Tooth Table

This coffee table of mine has a lot of history. img_3937.jpg

My Dad knocked his tooth out during a stage production of Macbeth and the insurance money went to buying this table.

For years we called it “The tooth table”. As a toddler my brother split his lip (it was gory) by tumbling into the corner of the table.

Me? In the 80’s I used to sit in the middle of the table after school and watch Donahue and Oprah.

When my Dad gave the table to me – the first thing I did was sit in the middle of it and watch Oprah

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Good Life Juice

Gerry and I just did another Good Life Juice cleanse. This time we just did 3 days … actually we stretched it out to 4 days. I’ll explain in a minute.  🙂

12598988_1393977780908945_1494058692_nI have to mention first that Good Life Juice have supported the winters session of the YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer Expercise Program by donating juice to our class.

We are so thankful to them for nourishing our bodies while we get back into shape.  🙂

Andrea (the owner) also came and did a wonderful talk for our ENCORE ladies. It was called 7 Habits of Highly Successful Plant Eaters. It was awesome. Thank you Andrea!! 🙂

As for the cleanse. They make it very easy to do. All the juice is freshly pressed and delivered right to your door (single bottles of juice are also available at various stores). All you have to do is make room in your fridge for all that delicious juice. Yum!!

11032987_694514027324887_480828356_nI have a wee allergy to citrus so they customized my juice special just for me. 🙂 There were a few different juices to try this time (from last year when we did it).

My fav is the Kale/Apple/Pear/Spinach/Spirulina aka Supra Greens. It’s like Mother Earth freshness pressed into a bottle.

I started my day with the Supa Greens and Gerry started his day with Ooh La Latte. It’s a blend of Salt Spring Coffee organic cold brew coffee, creamy nut milk and other yummy ingredients (mesquite!). I had a sip of his morning drink and I was jealous. It was perfect for breakfast.

Another new cashew milk is the Mylk Chocolate. I can’t even explain how delish this is. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it.  🙂

886835_10153256984621971_1159123934482934565_oWe planned on doing all juice-all the time for the whole 3 days but my parents popped into town and wanted to hang out. So Gerry and I did juice for breakfast/lunch and then had food when we hung out with my folks in the evening.

No matter what your lifestyle there is always a way to adjust your cleanse to make it work for you. All the different juices make doing the cleanse really easy. There’s lots of variety and each juice is so unique to it’s self.

I know it sounds crazy to just drink juice for all your meals but the trick is to make a plan. A glass of warm water to start. Then a juice. Then some water. Then some juice. As you can imagine there’s lots of peeing. ha ha. I planned it (by setting an alarm on my phone) so I would have a juice every 2 hours and a big 16oz glass of water every other hour.

I feel lighter, brighter and have more energy. It’s nice to take a break from planning meals and especially to give my system a break from digesting food. I swear it re-sets my digestive tract. If you feel cranky. Drink some juice. Feel tired? Drink some water. Feel insane and like you’re going to tear your hair out?? Eat a banana. It’s not supposed to be torture.  🙂

Whenever I do a juice cleanse on Day 1 – I think “what am I doing?”. Day 2 – I usually feel a little tired and cranky. By Day 3 – I feel amazing and I think “I wish I could do this forever”.  🙂

Good Life Juice gave me a coupon code for you!!! So if you’d like to try the juice or do a cleanse (they deliver all over BC and across Canada) use the code: govegansave15  and it will save you 15% off any order of 12 juices (or 2 day cleanse). You can visit their website HERE for more details. (coupon is good until April 25th). YUM!!


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My sweet Fergus has been by my side for almost 15 years and in particular was such a great nurse-dog to me while I went through treatment for breast cancer.

As he now transitions to a senior dog – some health issues have popped up.Fergus is currently dealing with elevated pancreas numbers.

Normal pancreas numbers are in the 200 range. He is in the 900 range. At first we thought it was pancreatitis but he does not have any of the typical symptoms other then the weird elevated blood work.

We have done a ultrasound and blood-work but have yet to figure out what’s going on with him … so now we are about to embark on some more testing and finding a specialist.

Some of you have asked if you could help us out by sending donations so I have set up this page. 100% of the money raised here will go to Fergus’s medical care. If we end up not using all the money – we will donate the rest to a local animal rescue group.

Thank you for your love and support.

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ENCORE gratitude!

We’ve just started another session of ENCORE at the Y Victoria!!

For those of you who don’t know – ENCORE is a free 8 week After Breast Cancer Exercise Program provided by the YWCA. I did 3x sessions of ENCORE as a participant and then was asked to come back as a volunteer. So I did the Y training and now I am an Aquafit instructor and one of the facilitators for the program.  🙂

I have to thank some of our sponsors who have stepped up with support for ENCORE.

12598988_1393977780908945_1494058692_nFirst up is GOOD LIFE JUICE. They donated juice for this session and it’s so nice to have something refreshing, healthy and delicious to drink after a morning of exercising. Thank you so much for supporting Encore!! 🙂

And also to HIPPIE FOODS for providing delicious snacks and treats for us to nosh on after our exercises.

A big thanks to SWIMCO for providing Encore with gift cards and a discount code. It’s a fantastic place to buy a bathing suit – especially for those of us who have scars, are uniboobs or have no breasts. They have friendly knowledgeable staff who help you find a suit that fits you properly. Yay Swimco.

12558757_1672549003005529_1876419215_nAnd thanks to LYMPHEDIVAS for supporting us with a discount code for our participants and for making a beautiful product for those of us who have to wear compression sleeves for lymphedema. Because if you have to wear something every day it might as well be beautiful.

If there is anyone out there with products or services that we might find useful for our ENCORE program – please send me an e-mail. We are always looking for more support.    🙂




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