Oh boy …

What a weird week. I went for a mammogram the other day because I’ve been having weird pains in my left breast (my only breast). I can’t feel a lump or anything but the intermittent pain makes me nervous because that’s how my breast cancer on my right side presented itself.

Had a mammy. Insisted on getting an ultrasound (mammograms don’t do much for me because I have very dense breast tissue).

I know it’s nothing … but …

It’s probably because I’ve been working on my fitness and I’m trying to build up my upper body strength and I’ve been doing lots of wall/counter pushups so I can eventually do a floor pushup.

At least I hope that’s all it is … ugh. I should know in a few more days (probably Monday) what the results saw or didn’t see.

I just want this other breast OFF!! All this waiting to have my “deconstruction” is so difficult. 

UPDATE: It’s fine. Everything is fine. I saw my doctor. Nothing to worry about.  :)

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Lucky Iron Fish Recipe

CVt1NW6U4AAM-YzI am loving my Lucky Iron Fish and how easy it is to use. It’s crazy that this little thing provides you with 75% of your daily required iron.

You just drop it in the pot of your soups or stews while you’re cooking and voila. Iron rich food!! And it doesn’t change the taste of your food when you cook with it.

The best way to absorb the iron that the Lucky Iron Fish provides is to combine it with a little Vit C (like lemon juice). I have adapted one of my favourite tea recipes from HOW IT ALL VEGAN to include the Lucky Iron Fish. You can check out the recipe HERE.

I also have 1x Lucky Iron Fish to give-away to anyone who can answer this skill-testing question.  :)

How many people worldwide suffer from iron deficiency?  (hint: the answer is somewhere on the Lucky Iron Fish website). Leave your answer below.



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Not looking at Facebook is going to be more difficult then I realized but not because of will-power but more about work stuff. I update the TZ facebook and I also run a bunch of different pages/groups (one of them for Encore) so I actually do need to look at FB at least once a day.

I’ve decided to limit myself to 30 minutes every morning (so I can attend to all my work related stuff) and then close it down again. It’s going to take a lot of will power not to troll through the feed but I think I can do it.  :)

In other news Gerry and I did a lot of errands today. We went and did Aquafit. We went to the bank to talk about RRSP’s. We had a meeting with our Life Insurance lady. We tried on jackets at MEC. I tried a falafel wrap at a place on Yates street that advertised VEGAN falafels. It was ok. Wasn’t super fantastic but it filled me up.

When Gerry and I were in London UK in 2012 – we bought a falafel wrap from a street vendor on Portobello Road and it was THE BEST falafel I’ve ever had. We’ve been trying to find something comparable ever since but no luck. Every other falafel fails to excite me like that one we had in England.  :)

In between appointments Gerry and I hit the photobooth in the mall. It’s something we’ve done for years. I have a huge stack of photobooth photos. This one was all digital and while we got to choose colour or b&w or the style of photo … it wasn’t the same as the old school booths. There was a woman’s voice who gave us a count down for when to smile. It was weird. Look at Gerry. Ha ha.

12356334_1055871457777458_984287718_nIn other news I made the Volunteer Wall at the Y. Yay for me.  :)

12093406_466518926869080_1823079196_nI do feel like I don’t know what’s going on in the world without looking at Facebook. Isn’t that weird?? Because if I actually analyzed my feed it really is just animal videos, click bait and photos of everyone’s xmas tree.

It was a very full day … time to warm up the leftovers from last night and make some dinner for me and my sweetie pie. I’m trying to convince him we should sit at the dining table and eat like adults instead of eating in front of the TV … but baby steps. First thing we need to do is cancel the cable. I’m stalling on that one.

Maybe I’ll wait till after the holidays.

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Consciously Uncoupling …

I have decided to consciously uncouple myself from Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed by social media lately. Feeling like I get stuck in a black hole of stuff I’m not totally interested in and that my creativity has taken a back seat to looking at Justin Biebers penis and watching cat videos.

I’m also cancelling my cable!! WHAT!!!

When I was doing cancer treatment – television was an amazing friend. I had zero brain power for reading or even having human conversations – so TV and the internet kept me company and was like a pacifier to help sooth me while my body was being ravaged by chemo. It was a wonderful tool … but I don’t need the pacifier anymore.

Turning on the TV or looking at the internet (and turning off my brain) has become habitual and it’s not working for me anymore.

Every day I sit down to write and every day I get sucked into looking at Facebook. It starts out as having to do some “work” on it. I check my work profile. I check the TZ profile and then suddenly and hour has gone by and I am still in my pajamas watching the latest viral video and I haven’t done anything creative.

I’ve been feeling like this for a while but just this morning I listened to Lena Dunham interview Zadie Smith on her podcast Woman of The Hour (which is an excellent podcast you should download). Zadie talks about her work process and how she stays disciplined and I was inspired to cut out the mindless distractions so I could get back to what I love… being creative.

So my friends … I am consciously uncoupling from most of my social media stuff. I will still be on Instagram (because I love it – and don’t find myself becoming overwhelmed by it) but the rest of it is going dormant for a while.

So my plan is to be here. At my blog. Where I’ve always been but have been neglecting lately … and I am hoping that the daily action of writing a blog post will re-spark my creative juices so I can get back to what I love. Being creative.


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Lucky Iron Fish

I got my Lucky Iron Fish in the mail the other day … :)

12269907_455908337931046_1462954517_n What a cool simple way to help with iron deficiency.


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YOU GUYS!!!! LympheDIVAs now has full finger compression gloves!!


When I was diagnosed with Lymphedema after my  mastectomy surgery they handed me a beige compression sleeve and I was like “Do I look like I wear beige?“. :) 

That’s when I discovered LympheDIVAs The sleeves are beautiful, comfortable and they always have a few fun ones for us edgier gals.

12276727_893879457325794_361851764_nUse the code: ENCORE for 15% off your order. :)

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Hello my friends with Lymphedema!!

screen-capture-1Do you know about LympheDIVAs?? I wear their compression sleeves and they have gorgeous Class 1 & 2 medical compression sleeves and Gauntlets and they now carry Gloves with finger compression!! Wahooo!!

I collect sleeves like I do shoes!! A different design for every outfit! :)

They have given me a coupon code to share with you. Use the code: ENCORE for 15% off.


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More about ENCORE

CTV News did a story about ENCORE and the fundraiser we are having at Tattoo Zoo tomorrow. If you’ve ever wanted to see me in a bathing-suit … now is your chance. :)

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11375406_1507908052854795_1891728936_nThank you to Swimco for your support of the YWCA Encore After Breast Cancer exercise program here in Victoria.

Swimco is my favourite place to buy a exercise bathinsuit. The fitters they have at the store are so awesome. They never make me feel weird about having 1 boob and they make sure I’m in a suit that fits me properly and is comfortable.

Swimco recently donated to my ENCORE group and I am so thankful!! :)


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Tattoo Zoo Halloween Fundraiser!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Tattoo Zoo is having a Halloween fundraiser!

11917803_971942806204345_363330448_n100% of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer Exercise Program and The Callanish Society.

Gerry’s wife Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2013. She did her treatment and once she left the care of the Cancer Center … was left to acclimatize herself from being a full time patient back to being a “normal” person again.

Breast cancer treatment can be very isolating and Sarah struggled with depression, anxiety and had a difficult time finding her way back to being social. She felt very much like a new-born baby deer. Her legs were unsteady and she was unsure of herself.

Sarah started the YWCA ENCORE After Breast Cancer Exercise Program through a recommendation from her oncologist in early 2014 and did the program 3x before she decided to train to be a teacher and is now volunteering as an instructor for this years 2015 session of Encore.

Encore changed my life! I found Breast Cancer treatment extremely isolating and the Encore program at the Y pulled me out of my self imposed cocoon and helped me realize that life is about balance. Mind, body and spirit.

Having peer support and being with other woman who have similar scars, similar experiences and who just “get it” when you talk about your treatment – is incredibly comforting. The educational aspect of the classes are also helpful. We learned about nutrition, lymphedema, meditation, yoga, dragon boating, etc. Most importantly Encore helped me get back in touch with my body by getting me to be physical again. I learned that the more I move my body – the better I feel.

We start each Encore class in the pool and I found that the water is very healing. Some of the lasting collateral damage of cancer treatment is pain. I had a lot of joint and bone pain and because of Encore I discovered that being in the water and doing Aquafit gave me relief from pain. I now do Aquafit every single day!! Encore was just the tonic I needed to help me transition from cancer patient to a thriving cancer survivor and I will be forever grateful to the Y for this program.”

The money raised from the TZ fundraiser will help offset the costs of running the ENCORE program.

Sarah also went away to a week long retreat through the Callanish Society. The retreat is a six-night experience of immersion into personal reflection and community engagement— and Sarah emerged with a renewed connection with life. Participants experience a foundational shift towards inner peace and happiness, a new perspective that carries them forward.

“My time at Callanish is something that is impossible to explain and what it did for me is immeasurable. It helped me connect with the grief I felt during my cancer treatment, we visited old wounds and I learned how to let go of my grief with love and compassion for myself. My trip to Brew Creek and the time I spent with the facilitators and participants at Callanish is something I will carry in my heart forever.”

So as you can see why … everyone at TZ is thrilled to participate in this event and give some much needed support to these two incredible resources for woman who have finished cancer treatment.

Thank you for your support. :)

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