I am volunteering this year with ENCORE at the downtown YWCA and will be teaching the Aquafit portion of the program.

I’ve blogged about it before – It’s an Free 8 week After-Breast Cancer program and I highly recommend it for anyone transitioning from patient to civilian. :)

The newest session starts on Friday Sept 25th and we still have open spots. If you’re in the Victoria area and want to join Encore – give them a call and sign up: 250-386-7511 and ask for Litzia. She will sign you up for the program.

You don’t have to be fresh out of treatment. The program is for anyone who has experienced breast cancer. The 8 weeks incorporate gentle exercise, relaxation and most importantly peer support.

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Victoria Vintage Expo

11899494_1630580437225500_1145610104_nMark your calendars!!

I will be selling my vintage collection at the Victoria Vintage Fair Expo on Sept 25/26th. This event is SO fun. Hope to see some of you there.

For more info go HERE.

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Eeeeek! I got the cutest Hayride Dungaree overalls and top from Emmy Design!! Fergus likes them too.  :)11809890_1521056118211777_1191137459_n 11899620_857450797681614_764164116_n


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I will be hosting a Thinklandia conversation with Bif Naked, Rae Spoon and Jason Verners on Sept 15th. screen-capture-5

It’s taking place on the roof of the Yates St Parkade and it’s a magical thing. It’s completely been transformed. It’s super cool. Hope some of you can make it out the event. It’s going to be fun.  :)

And make sure you dress to impress as I will be giving out a prize for best dressed. More details about the event HERE.

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Winner of Wills Vegan Shoes

screen-capture-3Congrats to Jacquie!! You correctly guess the number of shoes I have in my closet! 26!!!

Send me an e-mail: sarah@govegan.net and I’ll introduce you to Will of Wills Vegan Shoes and you guys can talk about your new shoes!!

Thanks for playing everyone!  :)

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Wills Vegan Shoes

OH BOY!! Oh boy! OH BOY!! I just took advantage of their FREE SHIPPING and got 2 pairs of shoes from Wills London Shoes and they are SO GREAT!!

11356626_1030444296980675_1865835043_nI am always a little nervous buying shoes on the internet but Wills has free shipping and an easy return policy  – so I bought a pair of black faux suede low sneakers.

They fit like slippers and I didn’t have to break them in. I put them on and took Fergus for a walk. Really nicely made shoes. I’m going to be wearing these for a long time …

I also HAD to get a pair of these Navy Blue Oxfords. I mean … I HAD to have them. They have quickly become my new favourite shoes. Comfort is everything to me when it comes to shoes and these fit the bill. Comfortable. Beautiful. And zero break-in time. I wear them for hours and my feet never get sore. Plus I get compliments every time I wear these out.  :)

Guess what?? I asked Wills if they wanted to do a give-away and they said YES!! So let’s do a fun contest!!

Try and guess how many pairs of shoes are in my closet:)
Post your answer below (one guess per person).

I will announce a winner on Sept 9th at 12noon. The person closest to the correct answer will win a FREE PAIR of Wills Vegan Shoes!! Hint:  I don’t have as many shoes as you think I do.  :)

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THIS is an excellent article and showcases some of the many reasons I have decided to “deconstruct” rather then reconstruct. Read it HERE.

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I’ve been wanting to do this photo for a while … I’ve been thinking about it for over a year. Thinking about what it would look like, mulling over the details. But the truth of it is that my office/photo studio is a giant mess. Taking photos in my studio means I have to move boxes and furniture and basically I’ve been procrastinating. :)


Gerry went on a motorcycle trip this weekend and I thought “fuck it – let’s do this” so I spent most of the day Friday cleaning up and then was able to reach all my camera equipment and set up the studio on Saturday.

It’s been a long long while since I shot anything in my studio. Last photo I shot in my studio was this hairless one. I just checked the date and it was almost exactly 2 years ago to the day. Funny how inspiration works …


When I took this photo I was in the middle of my chemo and was at my lowest in terms of energy, self esteem and life force. I felt like a ghost. Like I didn’t exist. I would look in the mirror and see nothing of my former self. I wanted to shoot myself this day because I needed to feel real.

There is something about looking at photos of yourself rather then looking in the mirror. When I looked at the photo I was able to see my power. I wasn’t a ghost. I was amazing.

Flash forward to 2 years later and I decided to do another photoshoot – only this time the photo is not just for me. I wanted to shoot a photo that would be empowering and inspiring for someone who was feeling low – like I was 2 years ago – could look at use to propel themselves forward on their cancer journey.

I shot the new photo. Edited it and at 10:30pm I threw it up on FB, Insta and Twitter and went to bed … I woke up the next day to a flurry of messages, retweets, reposts and likes. The messages and comments were really wonderful. I bathed myself in all the love …

So many beautiful messages like this one:

11834756_10153023157032536_4386902060530017869_oI am so touched by all of your never wavering support and especially by those of you who are going through or have gone through the cancer experience. I wish I could hug each and every one of you.  :)

My only regret with this photo is that I forgot to put my name on the image … ha ha. I wasn’t thinking. As of today this image has been shared over 750x on FB. It’s all over Twitter, Insta and Pinterest. It’s pretty damn cool. Thank you for sharing.

If you notice that someone has posted it and doesn’t mention my name … please add my name to it or point them in the direction of this website. Not because I want the notoriety (I have enough of that – ha ha) but because I want to connect with as many of you as possible.  :)

I’ve been thinking about doing a whole series of photos like this … who else do you think I should dress up as?? I’ve been making a list but help me add to it!! — Love you guys.

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Gerry and I had our first date 21 years ago…

Time flies.  :)

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Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary

296358260I donated some recipes to the Hearts on Noses Pig Sanctuary cookbook!!

Funds from the book go to the sanctuary. Grab a copy and help a piggy!! :)


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