Good Life Cleanse – Day 2

8:05am: Wow. I slept like a log last night. As most of you know – I am a terrible light sleeper and I suffer from hot-flashes, insomnia and occasional late night “am I going to die” anxiety so when I woke this morning I was in shock that I hadn’t woken up once during the night.

In the middle of the night Gerry got up and went over to my side of the bed to adjust a lamp that had mysteriously turned itself back on and I didn’t even wake up!! Normally I would have woken up the second he shifted the blanket. Crazy.

I also wasn’t hungry when I woke up. I thought I would be famished but I felt just fine – I drank my 16oz glass of water (I love water) and then made a cup of tea and sat and looked at my phone.

10955317_1625217551047738_399017998_n8:32am: Gerry’s mum just texted me to wish me a happy anniversary! OH MY GOD!! What would we do without her? She always reminds us about our anniversary. Why can’t we ever remember. Ha ha.

19 years ago I married my best friend. When I first met him (oh so long ago) I thought “This guy is different. He loves his parents. He talks so sweetly to his mother on the phone. He helped me pay for cat-food. I should marry him.

So I did. And it was the best decision my young 27 year old self made. We’ve been by each others side for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health and I love him more now then I ever understood about true love when I was a 27 year old baby woman hoping to find a loving life partner. Boy-howdy. Did I ever hit the jackpot with Gerry. :)

9:04am: Gerry and I drank our morning juice together. There was a lot of snuggling, kissing and general affection. This juice cleanse is awesome.

9:08am: I am skipping Aquafit today because I have Aquafit at 1:30pm with my Encore group and I don’t want to overtax myself.

10:07am: Time to bake cookies for today’s potluck. Just looking at the jar of chocolate chips is making my mouth water. I’m procrastinating …

10723948_1563804347234720_259559407_n10:12am: Got a message from Good Life Cleanse. They think because of my Aquafit that I should be doing the Athlete’s Cleanse so I am now bumping up from 6 bottles to 7 bottles a day. Damn. I should have gone to Aquafit this morning … oh well.  :)

11:05am: Walked Gerry to work. I swear I can smell every flower in the world right now. Is that a cleanse thing? Or just a spring thing? God-damn it’s a beautiful day.

My 11am juice is so good. Fennel, spinach, pear, and lime (only mine doesn’t have lime). I bet it would be soooo good with lime. WHY Citrus? Why don’t you like me?

11:30am: Time to bake cookies for my potluck.

11:31am: Ugh. I don’t want to bake anything. The thought of the smell of vanilla, coconut and chocolate chips is too much … I decided to make the Righteous Orbs from the GoVegan! w/Sarah Kramer iPhone App.

o_9n8gwPYG2RZhHzHJeooStxcLIeKsYTNqgKrvPkcSp47_dmmAOBLvm7jWJYrt__AxUUuM0XY4SXNaQMcCDp1FWpc894pHXY_iQYUBSTr7BI6OgeuXm5IJeUkBYWmM3Cgqt-G5MB5F8XbiUgR8EmGu_Vb9R22KNDLuP58-KE0V9gzYohMvusHEs5JumG_e4biXp9_kOAOzq4-zZClTPWnMWnx_hTUbvYc11:45pm: Ooops. I ate one.

12:19pm: Time for water water water! I love drinking water. Everyone always asks me how I can drink so much water – and the trick is that it’s ALL I normally drink. In my regular every day life I don’t do pop or juice or coffee.

I drink water all day – every day and I even find myself craving water. I can chug back 2 large glasses …like it’s water. ha ha. 😉

Every once in a blue moon I’ll have something that isn’t water but more often then not I just want a big glass of water.

For the cleanse – I put 3-4 slices of cucumber into a pitcher of water and put it in the fridge. It’s a nice way to flavour your water.

1:30pm: Hit the pool with my Encore ladies and we got our Aquafit on!! :)

3:30pm: oooh. I felt a little woozy there for a second but it passed. My stomach is bubbling like crazy so I went to the bathroom and farted the longest loudest craziest fart. I’m so glad I was alone in the bathroom. ha ha. Now I feel great.

10953145_1637967109759992_2074748207_n5:oopm: I’m home!! I made it through the potluck without eating. Had my juice and my water and it was actually fine – until I started to help clean up the food table and I reached for a grape to shove in my mouth. Isn’t it crazy how unconsciously we shove food into our mouths??

5:15pm: Gerry and I celebrated our anniversary together by drinking our dinner juices together. Awwww.

I’ve noticed that the last 2 days of juicing that I have the most difficult time during my 1pm juice and my 3pm juice. By the time I get to my 5pm juice I am fine … what is that I wonder? Any thoughts? I’m drinking tons of water in between all my juices. Hmmmm.

9:42pm: I’ve hit a wall. I’m over it. Why am I doing this? I’m out.

9:43pm: I drank a giant glass of water and I feel much better. I’M BACK IN!! :)

9:58pm: I am ready for bed. I plan on taking it much easier tomorrow … might stay in my pajamas all day.


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Good Life Cleanse – Day 1

Day 1 of our 7 day juice cleanse. I actually woke up nervous. How am I going to only drink juice (plus 1 creamy cashew drink) for 7 days??

I also woke up nervous about my daily Aquafit. It’s very important for me to go work-out every day because it makes my body feel so good. I want to continue doing my aquafit and Good Life Cleanse encourages you to stay active in their FAQ – but I’m probably going to have to scale it back a bit to make sure I don’t over-tax my body.

Zs1nUEwdE9dhNjVjbhsu2gaO13JTH7bhfCtqPNotl1WnsjdTMGu_1CEvKuI7cQ7k28SWPJ5aihIS56rrTPjshZlNJ1niXyx0Cg2KvbJFG-hbyGCPecMHFDHoP23eEoGWhOcvsImCS6TQ9akDAo0Y0JlO7-IvGPwym9UrMIdIvAz1FH2sq1to5dpD-DjjKKd7CtpT-MzzXPnOAzBC48Et6LLI59Kkn9UML8am: The cleanse comes with a pdf booklet explaining how the cleanse works and when my juice arrived yesterday – it came with a small insert that explains how to do your cleanse.

I started my day (as instructed) with a big glass of water and then a cup of hot water and lemon. Only I can’t do citrus (it rips my insides apart) so I had a cup of camomile tea instead.

Good Life Cleanse has kindly customized my cleanse to be citrus free for me. :)

9am: Gerry and I drank our first juice and we were both moaning with pleasure. Have you ever had cold-pressed juice before? It’s very different then juice that’s put through a centrifugal juicer. There is zero pulp and it tastes incredible.

9:20am: I just went pee and it was perfectly clear but I’m not surprised. I ‘ve had 16 oz of water + 8 oz of tea + 16 oz of juice … I think I am going to be doing a lot of peeing this week. :)

10am: Hit the pool and did aquafit. It went just fine … I just made sure instead of giving 110% like I normally do I just gave it 60%. Honestly all I could think about the whole time I was in the pool – was the next juice that was waiting for me to drink. In the locker room it seemed like all anyone was talking about was food and I felt like I was going insane. Ha ha.

11am: Had my juice and then ran a few errands. Came home and walked the dog. Drank water. Had a cup of tea.

1pm: Had my juice and about 20 minutes later my stomach started making noises. Lots of burbling, bubbling and movement. Then I had a bowel movement. My 3rd of the day!! This one was less then stellar but my stomach stopped making noises and everything settled down.

1:30pm: Sitting on the sofa studying for my Y exam on Sunday and cuddling with fergus and drinking a tea. He looks like a little delicious perogy … and I’m thinking about eating him… Wait. That’s not right. I must be hungry.

3pm: I am really anxious for food. There is an uneaten avocado sitting in my kitchen and it’s calling out to me “EAT ME. EAT ME” I don’t want to open my juice yet – because I am waiting for someone from Craigslist to come and pick up a piece of furniture I’m selling. Why are they always late? Or promise to be there at a certain time and then never show up. I even give them my cell number so they can text me if they can’t make it … Just show up on time. With money. ON TIME! :( I think I’m cranky.

3:15pm: The dude is still not here and I just saw my jar of peanut butter taunting me from the pantry. What a dick.

3:21pm: He’s still not here but texted that he’s on his way. Should I take a sip of my next juice? Yes. I’m throwing caution to the wind and opening up my next juice.

3:22pm: I opened my juice and guess who knocked on my door 3o seconds later. I showed Craigslist guy and his girlfriend the bookcase I’m selling. It’s $20. They took 15 minutes to look at it with a fine tooth comb and wanted to know if there was wiggle room on the price. It’s a TWENTY F##king DOLLAR bookcase! It’s not going to be perfect or amazing or like something you buy from the store. Ugh. People are the worst. He didn’t buy the bookcase.

3:32pm: Had my juice. Feeling better but still pissed at the Craigslist Ding-Dong. I might just put the bookcase out on the curb for free just to spite him.

3:45pm: Oh no! I ate the avocado.

3:52pm: I drank a large glass of water. Excuse the animal-ism but I am peeing like a race horse!! Where does that expression come from? Do race horses pee more then wild horses?

screen-capture-35:03pm: Took the dog for a nice walk. Time for another juice … My stomach is rumbling but I’m feeling pretty good. I have a different Craigslist person coming to look at the bookcase. Cross your fingers they buy it.  :)

5:04pm: YES!! They bought it. I’m $20 richer!!

6:15pm: Picked up Gerry from work and all I can think about is that cashew milk drink that I get to have at 7:30pm. Nom. Nom. Nom.

I don’t think you have to be super regimented about the juices – but I love a schedule – so I’ve planned to drink the 5 juices (+1 creamy cashew) every 2 hours throughout the day. That takes me from 9am to 7pm. I’m going to try to wait til 7:30 before I have my final drink. What time is it?

8pm: I didn’t even realize what time it is … TIME FOR MY CASHEW CREAM drink! Nom Nom Nom. What a delish way to end my first day.

Tomorrow I have my final Encore at the Y for the winter season and we are having a pot-luck tomorrow afternoon to celebrate. So I have to bake some cookies … what a terrible thing I’ve chosen to do. ha ha. How am I going to survive?? And then tomorrow I’m going to have to watch all my friends eat. Oy Vey! Wish me luck.

If you’re interested in joining me to do a Good Life Cleanse use the code: govegangogoodlife  for 15% off your order (good until April 15th).


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Anxiety …

Went to the dentist for my regular cleaning and to have my night-guard adjusted today. I was halfway through the procedure when I realized I had zero anxiety. It’s a giant milestone for me!! I’m so happy.

Since finishing cancer treatment I have had a lot of issues with scheduled appointments. Going to see the doctor (even for something minor) puts me into a tizzy. Even something as simple as a hair appointment would leave me restless, stressed out and sometimes cause me to have a panic attack.

screen-capture-2Every once in a blue moon I will have to take an Ativan before the night of my appointment but for the most part – since I figured out this trigger – I have been able to deal with my Appointment Anxiety much better.

I realized it was residual anxiety from hundreds of stressful and sometimes painful appointments I did during cancer treatment. So now before I have any appointment I make sure to acknowledge my anxiety and then I work extra hard at being kind to myself.

I’ve been working on recognizing the symptoms of a panic attack – and I have various tools in my tool kit that I pull out and use to calm myself before it turns into a full-blown attack.

One of the big things I noticed about myself before a panic attack hits is that I am really down on myself. I’ll start saying really terrible things about myself like “I’m fat” or “I’m ugly”. I do NOT think any of those things about myself and I have come to realize that it’s a warning sign of panic starting to swirl up inside my head.

There’s a few things I can do to stop my panic before it starts. Most important for me is to say out loud to someone “I think I am having a panic attack.” For whatever reason it calms me to verbally acknowledge what’s happening.

I do the same when I’m having a hot-flash. Saying it out-loud to someone makes the hot-flash less intense.  :)

If that doesn’t work – I stop what I’m doing and do jumping jacks. I learned this trick from an episode of Orange is The New Black!!
#1. It makes me laugh (always good)
#2. It makes me breath in good healthy oxygen

Anyway … I teared up a little today in the dentists chair. Isn’t it awesome to notice and acknowledge cosmic shifts like this in ourselves.  :)

What are your tricks for dealing with anxiety/panic attacks?


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Good Life Cleanse

I was talking to a girlfriend in Toronto a few weeks ago and she was telling me she was doing a 5 day juice cleanse from a local cold-pressed juice company. As we were talking about it – I started wondering if there was a place in Victoria that I could do something similar.

Yes yes. I have a juicer and and yes yes I use it often – but in order to do a 3 or 5 or 7 day cleanse you have to do A LOT of juicing and I honestly don’t have the time.

I know it sounds weird because I don’t have a “job” so what on earth eats up all my time? (ha ha) but it really feels like I very little time for extra curricular stuff right now. Between helping Gerry with Tattoo Zoo, my daily Aquafit, my classes for being an Aquafit Instructor, Encore at the Y and the dog … I don’t have a lot of time to be in the kitchen squeezing the juice out of carrots.

I started looking around town and was disappointed to see that that Victoria doesn’t have anywhere that you can purchase a juice cleanse. You can get juice at restaurants like Bliss, Re-Bar, etc but we don’t have any juice bars in town that will set you up with enough juice for a 3-5-7 day cleanse.

91higE-jH09KsByl71kCJrtvwGWSFph7Cq8EgPZnrxzpBYLDh0z9DKQTScmRTLH5RcFfQora2rSYbnA8EX4EY9BEs58NhWKQbV6Kmp3lNBzNfSIAZKKGGZpHTATocUSXFpncdZIJd4wSRHBoFvFTOLpSyP-CVm0vr-nSKGhBiH1_S1hgXtGLdSAlTtGnLoOr-uW0_IDA6wiRWy7KvPaBBzqKAT_J_CjzHWell a couple of days after I talked to my friend in Toronto – I walked into my local supermarket and saw a display set up for Good Life Cleanse out of Nanaimo (a city about 2 hours outside of Victoria).

I tried some samples of their Cold-Pressed juice (so yum) and was so thrilled to discover that they deliver to Victoria!! Wahooo! I signed up on the spot and our juice arrived by messenger this afternoon. So starting tomorrow Gerry and I are doing a 7 day cleanse!! EEEEEK!

Gerry is doing the JUICE TIL DINNER cleanse because he’s a little nervous about not eating (and tattooing). He’s actually going to flip it and do the juice the A.M. Eat lunch during the day and have juice for dinner. I’m going all in. I’m doing straight juice for 7 days. :)11032987_694514027324887_480828356_n

The juice arrived today and my mouth is watering in anticipation. I can’t wait to start!!

And you guys know how much I love you and your support – so I asked Good Life Cleanse if they would do a discount code for all my readers and they said yes!!

If you use the code: govegangogoodlife you will get 15% off your order!! The coupon code is good until April 15th:) Check their website to see if they will deliver to your area. I think right now they are only doing delivery in BC and Alberta.

I’ll be blogging about my experience – so stay tuned for me whining about hunger pangs and bowel movements. ha ha.

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F**K Cancer

I missed/forgot about my 2 year Cancer diagnosis anniversary because I’ve been busy living life and having fun. 😜 #fuckcancer


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Just got back from a quick trip to Vancouver. Gerry had a couple of pieces in a show called TATTOO at the Seymour Art Gallery so we went over for the show opening.

It was really cool to see Gerry’s work blown up and put on the wall of the gallery.


I’m so proud of my Ger-Bear. IMG_1059

My parents popped by the show to show their support for Gerry … IMG_1060

As well as Gerry’s best friend Eckel & Corey (not pictured).

IMG_1043We also had a nice meal at Vaades. You gotta love a place that advertises and clearly marks items on the menu as vegan!! IMG_1062

Lunch was scrumptious!! IMG_1061

The visit was short but sweet. Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi!!

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Many of you know how obsessed with Aquafit I am. I’ve been doing daily Aquafit for more then a year now … it makes me feel AMAZING!  :)

10986315_441021006050866_1535577127_nI am still dealing with collateral damage from cancer treatment.  I have lingering pain from chemo and my brief dance with the devil that is Tamoxifen. I still wake up every single day with stiff claw-like hands, sore knees, ankles and toes.

It’s a bummer … but I tell ya, the second my body hits the water at the pool – I feel immediate relief. The hour program that I do at the Y makes me feel amazing and takes away all my aches and pains. Not just for the hour I am doing it but it informs the rest of the day.

Gives me energy and makes me feel STRONG!! Yippee!

Aquafit has a bad wrap as being “easy” or for seniors but I can tell you from experience that Aquafit is what you make if it. You can have an easy time floating around and wave your arms up and down like a palm tree or you can get a serious work-out by manipulating and sculpting the water with your body. It’s all in how hard you want to train.

I’ve recently taken the Y’s Fitness Leadership Training program and am working towards becoming a certified Aquafit instructor. My goal is to volunteer to teach the Aquafit portion of the Encore Program that I’ve been a part of this last year. I’ve learned so much from Encore and now that I am on the other side of cancer treatment I feel that it’s time to give back.

I’m so excited to move into the next step of learning how to teach Aquafit. Yippee!

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Woke up to a weird banging sound last night. I thought someone was messing with the car so I looked out the window and that’s when I saw flames shoot out from my neighbours house.

The house is an abandoned crack den that now sits empty and is used by hobos and junkies for all kinds of nefariousness things. I called 911 and the Victoria Fire Dept were here before I hung up the phone. I am so thankful to them for being so quick.

I’m hoping the City of Victoria will finally do something about this derelict house and its slumlord… This could have been a lot worse if I wasn’t a light sleeper. :(

10668932_10152701201937536_9220099022700527243_o 10982578_10152701202107536_4121896790793256790_o 11043297_10152701202212536_1471047058647697026_o 11051930_10152701201907536_8706654323247114630_o

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So much …

So much has happened this last month … I don’t even know where to start.

First thing is that Gerry’s Dad passed away. He had been battling cancer for a long time and we lost him on Jan 2nd. Richard was a really lovely father-in-law. He was kind and generous and I see a lot of Richard in my husband who is also kind and generous.

Gerry’s Dad was diagnosed about a year and a 1/2 before I was. The hardest part about going through my cancer treatment was knowing that I was keeping Gerry away from spending more time with his Dad. Gerry’s parents live on the mainland and it takes 3-4 hours in the car (and ferry) to get from here to there and back again and there were times that I was so unwell I couldn’t travel but once the worst of the chemo was over – Gerry was able to sneak over on his motorcycle and visit.

Once I recovered from my chemo/radiation and that horrible Tamoxifen debacle – we were able to go over to the mainland quite often. While we all knew that Richard was terminal and we were bracing for the end – it was still a bit of a shock when it happened. We miss him very much.

So this last month has been about trying to keep things mellow. We have been laying low and just rolling with the waves of grief. Some days are easier than others.

Mid-January marks 2 years when I found my lump through a self-check. I am so thankful to the universe for that lightening bolt of pain that I felt that made me go take a good look at my breast.

I wrote about how I found my lump HERE. If you haven’t read it – give it a read and then do me a favour?? Check your breasts. Cancer doesn’t care if you’re Male, Female or Non-Binary. Do it right now. If you don’t know how – check out this graphic and then do it. For me. Check for lumps. If you find anything … go immediately to your doctor.


It’s a weird anniversary for me. I’m so happy to be here, happy and healthy but also still so shell-shocked from everything that’s happened the last 2 years. It’s not easy to process.

This time last year I was recovering from my horrible radiation burns (I won’t give you the link for those. Nobody needs to re-visit what that was like). I was so burned from radiation that I couldn’t wear clothing and I was in much pain and needed something to distract me – so Gerry moved the bed into the living room and we started binge watching LOST. We watched all 121 episodes. Sometimes watching up to 5 a day (ha ha).

Speaking of LOST – Gerry and I are heading to Oahu today!! :) We have some awesome friends with a condo on the island and they are letting us stay there so we can do some much needed recuperating. Gerry has already mapped out all of the LOST set locations that we can visit. Ha ha. We need this.

I wish we could take Fergus with us and go for a month but unfortunately they have strict animal quarantine rules laws – so we will be gone for 9 days while he’s at home with my friend Kolina of Sit & Stay dog sitting. Kolina will Sit & Stay at your house so your dog will be comfortable at home while you’re away. She’s wonderful. :)

My other little bit of good news is that I was recruited by one of the Aquafit Instructors to take a course the Y offers to learn how to be an instructor!! WHAT! ME??? So last week I started their Fitness Leadership Training Program.

It’s weird being back in “school” and having to read a text book … I am not great with learning in a classroom. I’m more of a “jump in and do it” learner but so far it’s going ok. They are really amenable to all different kinds of learning types. My goal is to learn how to be an Aquafit Instructor and then volunteer to instruct the Encore Program.

It’s hard to believe that my first Encore was just a year ago! I mentioned this in my last post but cancer treatment can be a very isolating experience and Encore opened a door to physical health and peer support that I never had before. It has given me back my body!! I have never felt so fit and strong!! :) It’s all so damn exciting. Wish me luck!

Now if you’ll excuse me – I have a plane to catch. “We have to get back to the island!!” (LOST reference)

Watch my Instagram feed for photos of our trip! :)
I won’t be blogging until I’m back! Aloha!


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Hippie Foods

A few months ago I got an e-mail from Hippie Foods asking if I’d like to try their products out. I NEVER say no to free food (ha ha). I had already tried their Hippie Coconut Chip snacks but the gift basket arrived I was shocked to see they had so many other products!! I had no idea. YUM!


Hippie Foods  is a family of vegan, organic, gluten free products. My philosophy with pre-packed food has always been that if you can’t pronounce the items in the ingredients list – you shouldn’t put it in your body. The best part of Hippie Foods products (besides tasting awesome) is that there is nothing artificial in their ingredients list. They are made from pure, simple, organic whole food ingredients.

The Coconut Chips are insane. The ingredients are:  Coconut, cane sugar and sea salt. That’s it. They are delicious and I may or may not have eaten the entire package in one sitting without sharing.  :)


The Cookies are awesome. Moist, delish and best of all … there is nothing but pure organic ingredients in them. My fav out of the three cookies are the Lemon Coconut. The ingredient list is: almonds, agave syrup, coconut, coconut oil,  vanilla and Himalayan crystal salt. SO GOOD!


The Granola. I wish I could tell you how good this was … but Gerry ate them all before I got a chance to try them. Ha ha. He assures me they are all delicious. It should be noted that this granola is Oat Free.


Lastly the Garden Chips. I have to say – I didn’t like these at first bite – but they grew on me. They are similar to kale chips in that veggie slices have been turned into chips. I think I was more put off by how they looked. They were clumped together in a mass at the bottom of the bag and didn’t look very appealing but just like kale chips … they were wickedly addictive and as I sit here writing about them my mouth is watering and wishing I had more. 😉


Hippie Food products are not available outside of Canada (yet) but if you’re in Canada – then check your local healthfood store and grocery store for their products.

Here’s the coolest thing about Hippie Foods. I told them about my Encore Class that I do at the YWCA. For those of you who don’t know – Encore is an 8-week gentle exercise program for women who have experienced a diagnosis of breast cancer. The programme offers specifically designed hydrotherapy and land-based exercises; healthy lifestyle information; peer support and a Y membership during the program.

This is my 3rd time going through Encore and I love every minute of it. Cancer treatment can be a very isolating experience and Encore opened a door to physical health and peer support that I never had before. I love it.

ANYWAY…  when I told Hippie Foods about my Encore class and asked if they would like to provide some snacks for us for after we exercise … they sent me a GIANT box of goodies. Enough to last us the whole 8 weeks of class. Isn’t that wonderful??


Thank you Hippie Foods for supporting Encore. Thank you!!

BUT WAIT!! There’s more!! :)

Hippie Foods wants to give away one of their fabulous Hippie Foods gift baskets to YOU. So the first person (you must live in Canada) to comment on this post will get a gift basket from Hippie Foods!! Congrats to Graeme C!! Put on your eating pants because you won the Gift Basket!!  :)

Oh my god. My stomach. I just ate an entire bag of Coconut Chips while I was typing out this blog post.  ha ha.

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