Vancoooouver – part 2

Karmavore was very smart in their event planning and sold tickets in 3 time blocks.
5 to 6
6 to 7
7 to 8.
So there was a steady flow of people in and out of the store and while it was busy – it never became too crazy.

I also have to say … WELL DONE VANCOUVER! You came out in droves and it was so nice to see so many happy vegan Vancouver people! I know I complained a few posts back about the lack-luster show of support I get in Vancouver. Well … You have proved me wrong. I don’t know what the official count was but I think there had to have been at least 60 or 70 people walking through the doors at Karmavore and it was a delight to see so many new and familiar faces.

Speaking of familiar faces.  Miss Bif Naked came to the event and it was a real treat to meet her.
Bif NakedWhat a cute little chick-pea she is …

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the 10th anniversary edition of HIAV and to suppport Hearts On Noses Pig Sanctuary. And big thanks  The Karmavore Crew… Karmavore Crew…who put on a fantastic event and loaded me up with 10lbs of Dijya Cheese (more about that later). And thanks to VeganMania and The Vegan Cupcake Queen for the treats!

After the party was over The Karmavore crew and I went to Radha eatery where we shared an incredible meal and I left STUFFED! I had to drive back to my parents place with my pants un-done. *laugh* I should have brought my eating pants with me. I love how many new vegan/vegan friendly restaurants are popping up in Vancouver. Wasn’t too long ago that the only place to eat was The Naam.

Vancouver … I think I heart you. BUT I DON’T HEART YOUR TRAFFIC! How do you not lose your minds?

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