Go Vegan Calendar – AUG!

When we were making the 2010 calendar I had to come up with 13 months worth of ideas and I only had 12. I racked my brain forever to think of what the last picture could be and Rudee (who did all the graphic design for the calendar) came up with an idea to spoof an LP cover. He suggested The Smiths and a couple other awesome 80’s bands but nothing felt right until I was suddenly hit with inspiration. DUH! The Go-Go’s!!

You may not know this about me but I’m a huge Go-Go’s fan. *laugh*

The story about the Beauty and The Beat photo is that when they went to shoot the cover the budget was so small that their manager Ginger purchased white towels at Macy’s and told the girls not to get them dirty because she had to return them after the shoot.

I’ve always loved that story and decided to not only pay homage to The Go-Go’s in the calendar photo but to also re-create the purchasing/return of the towels. Yes. It’s true. Someone in Victoria purchased a white towel with my dna on it. Oooops. 🙂

We had so much fun shooting the album homage that it inspired the 2011 Go Vegan calender which is 13 months of album spoofs with a vegan twist. I can’t WAIT for you to see it … it’s going to crack you up. 🙂

BTW. Take note of the write up before the recipe … I managed to work in EVERY song title from BATB into that write-up. It took me hours. *laugh*

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