2011 GoVegan Calendar – MAY

Whoops. I’m 2 days late with this! Time to flip over your calendar!! 🙂

A friend of mine (who is in his 20’s) said to me “what are you supposed to be in this photo?” I slapped him across the face and told him to go back to Rock N Roll school. OBVIOUSLY I’m channeling my inner Bowie. 🙂

Bowie is God. How can you not know who he is??  🙂

This photo was a challenge because of my eyebrows. I didn’t want to shave them off and I tried a few test-photos where I erased them with Photoshop but I could never get it to look right. So I turned to the drag-queens for help and found a great youtube video explaining how to make your eyebrows disappear using a glue-stick and voila! I made my eyebrows disappear!

You could still kind see them but with the bright camera lights they disappeared into my face and it was way easier to photoshop them away.

We shot maybe 6 photos and then we were done. It took me almost 1.5 hours to get ready and about 10 minutes to shoot. *laugh* Rudee did a great job of adding all the little extra bits to make it look like the album.

The recipe for this month is for Baby Spinach Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette. I came up with this recipe for Herbivore Magazine (r.i.p.) and it’s a really easy, tasty spring salad perfect for this time of year when local fresh strawberries start hitting the markets.

Time takes a spinach leaf. Puts it your mouth. You pull on your finger. Then another finger. Then a spinach leaf…

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Loved the soundtrack to Labyrinth and David Bowie starring in it along with a few other songs of his are my favorite. Thanks for the memories.

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