2011 GoVegan Calendar – March

Pinch punch first of the month! It’s time to turn the page on your calendar! This month is all about paying homage to Beastie Boys!

Next to the Go-Go’s – The Beastie Boys are one of my favourite bands. I’ve been a hardcore fan since Licensed to Ill and I hope by some miracle of the Dogs that they see the photo from the calendar and can feel the love and respect I have for them.  🙂

This is the photo I stressed about the most because we had to shoot 3 photos of me outside (shooting outside can be problematic) but it turned out to be the easiest photo to do.

We set up the tripod/camera on the street (marked the spot with chalk so we wouldn’t lose our spot) and then I marked three spots on the curb as well so I would know exactly where to sit because we had to keep in mind that Rudee needed to stitch all the photos together.

I think the hardest part was having to run from the shoot location (across the street from our house) back to the house to get changed. I had to do a fast quick-change because we didn’t want the sun to move the shadows otherwise it would make it difficult for Rudee to line up the photos plus it was probably THE HOTTEST day we had had all summer so I was freaking sweating to death in long pants and toques. But thankfully the shoot was over before we knew it and when Rudee sent me back the finished product I almost fell on the floor! It looked SO GOOD! 🙂

The photographer for BB’s Check Your Head cover was Glen E. Friedman who is an amazing artist/photographer and VEGAN!! I hope we did him proud with our homage to his amazing photo.

The recipe for March is Sassy Sandwich Bread and if you haven’t tried it … do it! It’s an awesome recipe. I’m not doing gluten right now (as it makes my eyes itchy) so reading this recipe makes me a little sad. I love a good loaf of bread.

It’s finger lick’n, finger lick’n bread y’all! 🙂

I still have some 2011 GoVegan calendars for sale HERE.

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  1. Sophie says:

    Yes! Beastie Boys for the win! 😀 I haven’t tried the recipe yet but I will! I’m really enjoying the 2011 calendar… especially because mine is signed 😉 I’m sorry to hear you can’t handle gluten. My mom can’t handle it either and it’s annoying as hell. I hope it’s not complicating things too much for you (with soy being out of the question as well). I’ll think of you while making the bread… I don’t have the greatest of luck with baking… so wish me luck! 😀 (I’ll take your advice though and buy an oven thermometer before I start any baking) P.S. THANKS for all your hard work Sarah, your cookbooks have made my transition into veganism a breeze! Keep it up! You ROCK!

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